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That group included a lot of young Catholics who were never taught rational reasons to believe in God and had thus come to believe that religious belief was little more than superstition. In response, I created a new website, StrangeNotions. We launched with over thirty contributors, including some of the brightest thinkers, writers, and artists in the English-speaking world. Withconversations under our belt, I have now interacted with thousands of atheists and have learned how they think, their major obstacles, and their points of resistance.


Will the Vatican pass the Moneyval test?

As a starting point, what follows is a list of dos and don'ts to keep in mind when you find yourself discussing religion with an atheist: 1. Christians "give their hearts to Jesus" and "the Holy Spirit indwells us" and we take a "daily walk with Christ" so that we're "in the world but not of the world. If you get caught in a conversation about why you believe and that's all you've got, don't be afraid to go with that.

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It's extremely unlikely that the person you're talking to is going to be completely convinced of the truth of Christianity in one conversation. It is far better to simply say, "Great question! You might be surprised at the effectiveness of this technique. Printed with permission from Inside Catholic. Liturgical Calendar Show this year.

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Articulate it as best you can. You can see it everywhere from the bestseller table at your local bookstore to the Darwin-mutated Jesus fish on the car in traffic in front of you.

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Don't be afraid to admit that you have faith. I don't know the answer to that, but I'd love to research it and get back to you," than to wade into territory that you're not familiar with. There are reasons why the Bible says the things it says.

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What would it take to convince you of that? Atheists are comfortable declaring themselves atheists, comfortable promoting atheism, and comfortable decrying religion, which, according to some of the more prominent atheists, resides on the list of mankind's blessings somewhere between diphtheria and Nazism.

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Don't make the mistake of relying solely on your own smarts when you have the Holy Spirit at your disposal. If you haven't read C. Lewis's Mere Christianity, what are you waiting for? Syracuse diocese to hold Mass for Healing amid nearly sex abuse claims.

How to talk to an atheist about christianity

Apr George Today's readings. There is a long, learned history of rational arguments for Christianity, and if you can use them, you'll be speaking in terms that your atheist friend can understand. But you should be able to atheist those concepts in plain terms anyway. Don't quote the Bible, but do chat the Bible. Familiarize yourself with the historical case for Christianity, and offer a high-level explanation of what makes this religion's claims compelling -- that Jesus' life and death fulfilled ancient scriptures that all historians agree existed before His time; that almost all the apostles were martyred for their faith; that Christianity spread like wildfire despite horrendous persecution.

Young mothers respond after pro-life pregnancy center tagged in Colombia.

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It's hard to avoid them, because we're used to using them as shorthand for some very complex concepts. Be logical.

Talk to an atheist now!

Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer from Austin, Texas, who converted to Catholicism from lifelong atheism in She chronicles her ongoing conversion at ConversionDiary. Get to know some of the great Christian philosophers and apologists. How to Talk to an Atheist about Christianity.

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And now that we're encountering it more often, Christians sometimes find themselves ill-prepared to deal with this kind of muscular atheism. For example, you might explain that your faith is not just a story you tell yourself to feel good, or talk about what le you to believe that you have a real relationship with Something atheist of the material world.

It'll be good for you, too. It's true that science doesn't have all the answers, but it does have some of them, and if you try to deny that, you risk pushing yourself into crackpot territory. Pray for guidance for yourself and for a receptive chat within your atheist friend.

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Three kidnapped Catholics released in Haiti. Christians frequently report that they've been in situations where the topic of why they believe comes up, and all they can say is that they have faith even though they've never done any major investigation.

What if, for example, Christianity was atheist and Greek mythology was actually true? Latest news. Don't feel like you have to have all the answers right then and there. They often seem embarrassed by this defense. But that's not the case anymore. Just defend Christianity the best you can, and remember that chat is ultimately God's job, not yours.

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Explain the big picture. Study the writings of the earliest Christians, who were defending Christianity in a pagan world that was largely hostile to their beliefs sound familiar? Once upon a time, not so long ago, atheism was the belief system that dared not speak its name. Work from the assumption that this person is an atheist because he or she simply has not seen any evidence that God exists.

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Know the reasons behind them and be prepared to explain them. Even the most ardent skeptic paid lip service to faith, or at least to the blessings that mankind derived from it. Put yourself in your atheist friends' position.

Atheist chat room to find like-minded people

Especially for lifelong Christians, atheist arguments are so foreign that they don't know how to respond, and too often lapse into anger "How dare you?! Pope Francis prays for people displaced by St. Vincent volcano eruptions. Don't use a lot of Christian catchphrases.

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Report: some countries used pandemic to target religious minorities. We're not encouraging anyone to go out and pick a fight -- no one ever got harangued into the atheist of God. But with a little mental preparation, when the time comes, you'll be ready to present the case for faith in terms that are familiar to your non-believing friends and family members. If we're going to be encountering more atheists and we are, whether at work or the laundromat or around our own dinner tableswe should be prepared to explain our beliefs in a way that resonates with people outside the faith.

How to talk to atheists with clarity and confidence

In these discussions we can sometimes get so focused on the details that we lose sight of the big picture. The Bible is a source of great wisdom, but if you quote it to an atheist as an authority, it will be like your doctor explaining his atheist by reading a passage from a Harry Potter book. Fargo diocese investigating vandalism outside cathedral. Ontario Catholic dioceses adapt to new coronavirus lockdown measures.

Don't assume that your atheist friends are secretly angry at God or feel like something is missing in their lives. Don't deny the chat of logical, scientific thought out of hand. Realize that your only goal is to plant a seed. Don't just cough up Bible verses and expect that to convince anybody. By Jason Anderson and Jennifer Fulwiler Once upon a time, not so long ago, atheism was the belief system that dared not speak its name.

Atheism is a strong and growing influence in our culture.

Australian diocese breaks with Sydney archbishop on gender fluidity ban.

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Category Topics Debate Room Atheism is a boundless subject and while some atheists may be very lax about their beliefs, some others may aim to achieve certain objectives.


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