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Paul and Ancient Views of Sexual Desire refutes the argument put forward by some scholars that Paul, in his sexual ethics, is in partial agreement with a current of thought in the Greco-Roman world that condemns sexual desire and advocates the elimination of such desire from marital sex. Through close analysis of numerous ancient passages relating to sexual desire, Ellis demonstrates that ancient thinkers tend to condemn not sexual desire in itself but excessive sexual desire and lack of self-control. In the Logos edition, this volume is enhanced by amazing functionality. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


Chapter four 'Putting the Pornol in their Place' looks at 1Cor 5, examining how Paul deals with a case of deviance.

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The remaining chapters scrutinise 1Cor in depth. Sex in the Bible. The work of anthropologist Frederik Barth and social psychologist Henri Tajfel are used to reflect upon how social identities interact, both at the psychological level of the individual and at the sociological level of the group, and to provide resources for the study of 1Cor.

Chapter five 'Lawsuits before the a0dikoi' examines the lawsuits as an instance of the regulation of behaviour on the basis of the differing identities of insider and outsider.

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M28 Unknown. It contends that it connects with Paul's thought 1Corarguing that Paul's understanding of the 'body for the Lord' makes even marital sexual relations problematic. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. It argues that Paul views sexual sin as a unique in its destruction of Christian identity. Series Journal for the study of the New Testament.

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Your name. It argues that the ethical difference between these identities is crucial to Paul's objection to outside judges. Check system status. It also argues that believers are warned that unethical behaviour can endanger Christian identity. Reporting from:. Your. In particular it explores Paul's rhetoric in 1Corand how his description and evaluation of insider and outsider serves to construct identity and control behaviour. Bibliographic information. It argues that identity is largely dependent on the subjective perception and evaluation of difference. It contends that logically such should render all sexual unions incompatible with Christian identity, and that Paul's logic here is connected to his reservations about marriage in The final three chapters deal with 1Cor 7.

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Thus, chapter 6 is directly connected with the discussion of the legitimacy of marriage in 1Corinthians 7. Viewing this passage as a unified discourse, he considers how Paul's ethics serve to give his converts a distinct identity. More options.

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Green Library. Publication date Series Journal for the study of the New Testament. Supplement series Available online.

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Chapter three 'Social Dynamics and Rhetoric in 1Corinthians' then takes an overview of 1Cor, considering the context into which Paul writes and the objectives he has in writing. As the study progresses through the text of 1CorinthiansMay argues that Paul strives to maintain an absolute distinction between insider and outsider in regard to morality. Full view. Paul, unlike the Corinthians, is seen to have a radical understanding of the sexual implications of Christian identity. Contents Chapter one 'Identity in Theory' explores the concept of identity.

Rejecting the scholarly consensus that Paul is reacting to ascetics, May controversially argues that chapter 7 should be read as Paul's commendation of singleness to a reluctant Corinthian audience.

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Toggle Menu. Thus the immoral man is regarded as an outsider, and it is from this that his expulsion follows.

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This chapter is usually read with the assumption that Paul is reacting to ascetics, an assumption which separates its concerns from those of 1Cor 5 and 6. This thesis disputes this reconstruction and argues that 1Cor 7 should be read as Paul's commendation of singleness to a reluctant Corinthian audience. Name of resource.

Immorality belongs exclusively to the outside and to the pre-conversion identity of the Corinthians.

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Chapter eight 'Marriage, Renunciation and Social Context' develops this by arguing that renunciation of marriage was a deeply anti-social stance in antiquity, and that a wider consideration of 1Corinthians does not support the view that the Corinthian community was anti-social.

Attention is also paid to the use Paul makes of the distinction between moral community and immoral world in ensuring that the Corinthians comply with his instruction to expel the man. The body for the Lord : sex and identity in 1 Corinthians Responsibility Alistair Scott May.

Physical description x, p. It investigates how they used sexual ethics and rhetoric in the maintenance of group identity and the process of group control. Supplement series ; Note Revision of author's thesis Ph. D --University of Glasgow, ISBN X Browse related chats Start at call : BS M28 Librarian corinth Catkey: Hence those labelled immoral can no longer remain in the sex.

Although tools from the social sciences are used, the major focus of the work is in careful exegesis of the text.

First epistle to the corinthians

It postulates that 1Cor 7 is intended to refute Corinthians allegations that Paul forbids marriage, whilst at the same time strongly commending singleness, and presenting the Corinthian attachment to marriage as an inappropriate response to the world. Chapter nine 'Rereading 1Corinthians 7' examines the text of 1Cor 7 in depth. It argues that Paul maintains an absolute distinction between insider and outsider in regard to morality.

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Help Need help? Problem URL. Describe the connection issue. Toggle Back to. Chapter seven 'Reading 1Corinthians 7' demonstrates the weaknesses of various articulations of the ascetic hypothesis, and calls for reconsideration.

Send Cancel. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Chapter two 'Sex and Self-Definition among the Roman Elite a case study ' examines the lessons learned with a brief consideration of the discourses of some Roman writers.

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Alistair May explores the part played by sexual ethics and the rhetoric of sexual morality in the formation of Christian identity by focusing on the longest discussion of sex in the New Testament - 1 Corinthians


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Chapters 5 and 6 are quite challenging.


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