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Margery McCormick. The first session opened with devotions in English, Fijian, Hindustani, and Tongan. National Assembly members at their grannny being able to be present to share with the assembled believers the job of achieving this World Crusade goal. The roll call showed nine delegates to be present, from Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Tonga; with deep regret the Convention recorded the absence, due mom chat groups transport difficulties, of the ten Gilbert and Ellice Islands delegates. We feel sure this reminder of the constant love of Granby Effendi, of the high hopes he cherished for the future of the Faith there, and the rapid unfoldment of its institutions under the aegis of this new Regional Assembly, will serve to stimulate the foot fetish chat room to shoulder a greater measure of responsibility. Those programs that attract the largest audiences are selected for re-broadcast in summer months, and some have been so successful that they have been rebroadcast many times.


The impact of the successive communications from Haifa, of the s of the Sydney Intercontinental Conference, of the many messages from Auxiliary Board members and believers from Japan, Korea, and America all stirred those present to reeonsecrate themselves to the prosecution of their ased role in the Spiritual crusade. The unknowable mystery is the sp 'tual universe in which the revealed truths are as the glitter of stars.

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Actually, the destiny of the human race is involved in our individual services and our community undertakings during the next few years. One hundred ninety-seven local assemblies out of the necessary in the United States have been elected.

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Fozdar, who had made many of these victories possible, passed away suddenly just a few days prior to the convention, In speaking of him Mr. Samimi, secretary of the convention, stated that he was the first pioneer to Singapore and had taught many of the believers in Malaya and Singapore. In the consolidation areas allotted to the United States, two national assemblies have been formed Alaska and France and eleven regional national assemblies are established.

The recent Intercontinental Conference in Chicago made appeals tor pioneers from the participating assemblies of the Western Hemisphere: Central America, the minimum need is seventeen pioneers this year; Greater Antilles, eleven pioneers; Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, forty-five pioneers; Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, a considerable. With hearts and minds correctly oriented by the impelling message from the Custodians of the Faith, the Convention proceeded to focus attention upon the record of achievement in North East Asia for the past year.

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A year of operations brought to the foreground the need for consultation on many topics. She told of the potential spiritual brotherhood between Japan and Australia. The spec' ic requirements of the.

Baha'i News — Issue The first effect of the realization that no successor to Shoghi Effendi could have been appointed by him was to plunge the Hands of the Cause into the very abyss of despair. The Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land request all national and regional assemblies to publish the following instructions in their Newsletters:. Hands of the Cause and national tepresentarives at the I,-la;1'rat1. Since a successor could only be chosen and deated by Shoghi Effendi in his own lifetime, the friends must dismiss all hopeful expection that a will appointing a second Guardian may later be found.

A Kuching Summer School was scheduled for May Kishin V. Elena Fernie, Carl A. Manuchihr Salmanpur, Mrs. Bakhtiari, Col. Shirin Fozdar; Vice-Chairman, Mr. Payman; Secretary, Mr. Samimi; Treasurer, Mr. Kishin Khemani; and.

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There was earnest discussion on ways to facilitate settlement of two remaining World Crusade goals—the Cocos Islands and Nicobar Island. Let us be confident that if we do our part He will never fail in His, and with this assurance go forward unitedly, courageously, and with complete consecration.

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Under the chairmanship of Yadullah Rafeat, the Convention proceeded with efficiency, and at the some time in a free atmosphere of consultation. Eighty-two out of the necessary local assemblies in the United States have been incorporated.

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It was through her inspiration that National Assembly member Michitoshi Zenimoto, a native Japanese who had been a casualty in the atomic blast of Hiroshima, was enabled to accompany her to this Conference. On the last day of the Convention Hand of the Cause Agnes Alexander again spoke to the friends, this time on the epoch-making Intercontinental Conference in Sydney.

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Suleimani, and in Japanese by Naomi I-lashimoto. In assuring the victory of the World Crusade we demonstrate our devotion to Shoghi Effendi and our worthiness to receive the blessings he showers upon us from the realms above. Three hundred and fourteen American pioneers were serving in foreign fields as of April 21, Pillars of which are the various national spiritual assemblies. Thus, the existing regional assemblies are to be replaced by national assemblies in each country: Europe, l1; Western Hemisphere, 20; South Pacific, 1.

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The most recent victory has been the placing of a pioneer in Spitzbergen. Amreliwala, chairman; Dr. Lukmani, vice-chairman; Hooshmand Fatheazarn, secretary; A. Butt, assistant secretary; R. Shah, treasurer; and K. Ehargava, S. Chatterjea, and Mrs. Shirin Boman. The American Hands of the Faith have expressed this same thought very clearly in a message prepared for a series of teaching conferences held in the United States earlier this year.

The opportunity for the diffusion of the Light of the Faith was eagerly seized upon by those responsible for the Convention arrangements. Emphasis was placed upon a need for deepening work among the many new groups and assemblies, and for understanding of the importance of maintaining a regular flow of funds. Share message with Hands and national assemblies.

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Zenimoto JapanA. Sumini IndonesiaHands of the Cause Mrs. Clara Dunn and H. Collis Feutherxtone of Australia, and Mrs. Without that wholehearted obedience, one's faith would be fatally incomplete. As Finland has no member on this Regional Assembly, the National Assembly, meeting after the convention, pledged special vigilance to the needs and requirements of this country for the coming yea.

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David Earl. In a letter to Miss Alexander, Hand of the Cause Cnllis Featherstone had pointed out this realization of the Guardian's wish that someday the Australian and Japanese friends would invite each other to their homes had come true when Mr. Zenimoto became a guest in the homes of friends in numerous Australian communitles.

For the older believers the condition resembles those days of grief and speculation following the passing of the Master until the light of Divine assurance was rekindled in our hearts by Shoghi Effendi in his station and capacity of Guardian.

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The Convention then turned to the challenging requirements set by the Guardian. Sixteen of the nineteen delegates attended; the Convention was deprived of the presence of the delegate from Taiwan, and the two from Korea, both of who had exerted an arduous heartbreaking three-month effort to get passports and visas in vain. Left to right are: s. The mild but impelling manner of Mr. Takano harmonized with the dynamic and eloquent speech of Mr.

Marangella for a unity of appeal that could not fail to affect every listener. As the record of the past year was read, his words of admonishment and encouragement look on a solemn meaning; his sacrifice and the legacy of the Guardianship had thrown our shortcomings into sharp relief. As the message states, his every hope was frustrated, his every plan extinguished, and his ambition thwarted.

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The Master's Testament is the sole authority controlling the appointment of successive Guardians. Edith Craig, in Persian by s.

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The western mind is prone to reject the element of mystery, and for it substitute its own rational explanation or human speculationr A primal element of revelation is that it both reveals sacred truths we can understand, and mysteries which we must accept and not attempt to penetra e. The imperative nature of those objectives had been underlined by the convention message from the U. National Spiritual Assembly when it expressed hope for the early completion of those goals, Determined to redeem the shortcomings of the past, the delegates deliberated on the action that must lead to the attainment of these remaining objectives Teach [ 7] IAHNI NEVIS.

This is the hour when the latent heroism of the soul sustained by God will become manifest, and the idols of the vain imaginations of the world ly people will be broken forever and the power of the Manifestation of God will rule mankind. Any contribution should be made out to the BA! The world-wide message of the Custodians of the Faith uplifted the Convention to fresh resolve, and all eyes turned with broadened vision from the overall objectives of the Crusade to the ased tasks revealed by the beloved Guardian in his Six-Year subsidiary plan for their particular area.

A public congress on the second night of the Convention featured Hiroyasu Takano and Philip Marangella, who spoke in Japanese and English, respectively. The Assembly and its officers include: William Maxwell Jr. Barbara Sims, recording.

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The election of the new National Spiritual Assembly marked the midpoint and spiritual climax of the Convention. Twenty-seven Bah s attending this Convention went to the Temple ground for a program of prayers.

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The communication issued by the Hands of the Faith residing in the Holy Land on June 12,is earnestly commended to the attention of every American believer. There was splendid newspaper publicity in the Tokyo and national newspapers of Japan, as well as radio announcements on three consecutive days. It was on this occasion that Habib Sabet showed the motion pictures of the Sydney Intercontinental Conference. In these achievements appeared to be remote, if not impossible.

Fuji in Japan were almost concluded.

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National Assembly representative.


The fear and indignation of the multitude were excited by the knowledge of his continued and intimate intercourse with the Bab.


The cumulative audience for those four hours was more thanCanadian TV viewers who tuned in for that dramatic, historic event.


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