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The problem lies within the peace deal itself. Since then, however, progress has been dismal. Thierry Nzohabonayo's rose farm is caught in the crossfire of his country's civil war. The site can be accessed at: www.

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They also tried to erect barricades but security forces intervened to restore order," said Mayor Potien Niyongabo. News Monitor for November Tracking current news on genocide and items related to past and present ethnic, national, racial and religious violence. OCHA also reported that heavy fighting between rebels and government forces was ongoing near Kibira Forest, in Mpanda Commune of Bubanza Province, causing an estimated 10, civilians to flee.

He said that the city centre had, so far, remained untouched.

But what can I do? He made no mention of government losses or of the identity of the rebels. They press their advantage by attacking the city below, where the Tutsi-led government's army holds sway. But progress is slow, and in the war-weary nation, hopes for peace are waning.

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Some preferred to jump from the first floor windows," he said. It is a vital tool for anyone who is interested [in] or observes Burundi and the Great Lakes Region," he added. The fighting pits Hutu rebels against the Tutsi-dominated army.

Inter-ethnic clashes descended into a full civil war following the assassination of Burundi's elected Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye. The enemies agreed to a three-year transitional government to be led for the first half by a Tutsi, followed by a Hutu. Meanwhile, Radio Burundi reported that at the talks in Tanzania, "the technical teams [of the CNDD-FDD and the government] are working in perfect cooperation on the ceasefire preamble".

At night, the city air is filled with the crackle of gunfire or the thump of mortar fire. On Thursday clashes were still going on in the village of Masha, a stronghold of the Forces for the Defence of Democracy rebels. They wanted to close the shops, the banks and schools, but the security forces were vigilant. Fighting broke out last Friday between the Tutsi-dominated army and fighters from the Forces for the Defence of Democracy FDDon the same day that the government began talks with Hutu rebels on a possible peace accord.

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Some even fled the school before the explosions," he said. Minority Tutsis have clung to power almost continuously since independence inand both sides have carried out mass killings - the Tutsis inthe Hutus in In September, army troops massacred mainly Hutu civilians in central Itaba Province. He said the neighbourhoods of Kiriri, Kamenge, and Mutanga were being hit the hardest, with shells falling in the vicinity of King Khaled Hospital in Kamenge.

South Africa cemented the power-sharing pact by sending troops to protect about 30 Hutu politicians returning from exile. Earlier reports put the of those displaced at around 10, Butakuna is in Mpanda commune, some 24 kilometres 12 miles north of Bumumbura. We was ousted in by Major Pierre Buyoya, who lost the country's first democratic election in but forced his way back to power in a bloodless coup. Burundi's President Pierre Buyoya on November 8 blamed FDD leader Pierre Nkurunziza for deadlock at a latest round of peace talks which had just ended in Tanzania, across the border from the central African country.

He added that these students were both Tutis and Hutus.

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The rebel military spokesman said that because government aircraft were coming from "Bujumbura, it is our duty to defend ourselves by attacking the departure point of the offensive -- Bujumbura. No confirmation of the rebel claim could be had berdykel military or administrative sources. It failed to include the National Liberation Front and the Force for the Defense of Democracy, the two main Hutu rebel groups doing the fighting. The total of people dead or wounded remains mature.

Last week, Lieutenant Gelase Ndabirabe, spokesman for the Force for the Defense of Democracy, told the Associated Press his group would continue attacking government troops ''right up to their barracks. Hundreds of police, some in riot gear, were deployed around Bujumbura and along its main ro.

Efforts to reach a negotiated settlement to Burundi's civil war, which has killed more thansincehave not yet been successful. In attacks, stray bullets whizzed through the room and a stray bomb destroyed a plastic shed. Ndabirabe charged that troops of the Tutsi-dominated army had launched an assault against the FDD on two fronts, in the central Muramvya province and in Kayanza province in the north. But the administrator of Buganda Commune, Emmanuel Bigirimana, said, "[There] were more than a thousand rebels, mostly Rwandan [Hutu] Interahamwe [militias].

Nearly all of the estimated 45, chats of Bugendana have fled and regrouped outside the town, according to Tharcisse Ntibarirarana, governor of the surrounding Gitega province. Efforts at reaching a ceasefire in Burundi were ongoing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Ndereyimana is the fourth official to have been killed by suspected FNL rebels since October in Bujumbura's outlying neighbourhoods. Beset by political strains, the transitional government looks increasingly brittle. Workers at Nzohabonayo's rose farm dropped their tools and ran. Late in July, five civilians were killed and 10 injured by rebel mortar fire on the capital.

Elsewhere on Sunday, government troops killed 51 rebels heading for Zina, in the northwestern province of Bubanza, the army spokesman, Col Augustine Mzabampema, said. Bagaza, a former army colonel, came to power in a coup. Human-rights abuses by soldiers from both sides continue unabated, and the fighting has increased.

The two ethnic groups are on opposite sides of a long-running civil war between Hutu rebels and the Tutsi dominated army. Under the guiding hand of former South African president Nelson Mandela, Hutu and Tutsi politicians hammered out a deal to end the conflict, which has claimed at leastlives, mostly civilians.

Two were wounded by the grenade blasts while the others were hurt when they jumped out the windows or were trampled on in the crush," said Niyongabo. On 12 November, the chairman of the regional initiative for peace in Burundi, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, gave the warring sides in Burundi another two weeks to reach a ceasefire agreement with the transitional government in Bujumbura.

But in Burundi, similar flowers of love grow in an environment of hate.

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He was taken home after being questioned for three hours. Five grenades went off in three different areas of the capital on Monday, the first exploding at about am GMTaccording to an AFP journalist in the city. Meanwhile, Radio Publique Africaine reported that shells landed near the Munarira centre in Rutegama commune, Muramvya Province, where those wounded by earlier fighting had sought shelter.

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The buds remain closed until shipment to Europe, where romantics will give them as tokens of affection. Ndereyimana was riding a bicycle in Ruziba at around pm GMT when the rebels, who have accused him of collaborating with the predominantly Tutsi army and to have killed civilians who back the FNL, shot him. But Nkurunziza accused Buyoya of delaying the discussions, mediated by South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma in a bid to reach a negotiated settlement in a conflict which has claimed at leastlives. In the green hills that rise above his property are the ethnic Hutu rebels, who sparked the war nine years ago.

The UNHCR official said some 27, refugees out of aboutwho have volunteered to return to Burundi have been given assistance to go home since April. Tanzania hosts aboutBurundi refugees in camps located in the northwestern regions of Kigoma and Kagera. The rebels are understood to be on the retreat, heading for the FDD's Kibira forest stronghold in the country's centre west.

Fifty-one rebels and 10 civilians were reported killed in the northern province of Cibitoke in clashes with the army last Saturday. An AFP reporter in Musenyi saw thousands of people camped outdoors. But when he started the business a year ago, he said, it didn't seem like such a bad idea.

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Most had fled their homes on Saturday, when fighting broke out. It was a prudent move. The conflict is low intensity but relentless. Peace talks between the government and FDD in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have made no progress after three days, a member of the Burundi delegation said on Tuesday. No civilians had been killed, the governor said.

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A deadline of 30 days expired on 7 November. Army spokesman Augustin Nzabampema confirmed that the clashes had taken place but gave no information on their outcome or casualties. On Saturday, in the nation's capital, Bujumbura, the hardline rebel Parti de liberation du peuple hutu-Forces nationales de liberation attacked the western suburb of Buterere, killing two people and wounding 10 others, Mayor Pontien Niyongabo said. Unluova said, however, that the s of those repatriated started picking up again last week, when up to refugees returned to Muyinga in Burundi.

A two-hour blitz of rebel mortar fire Friday resulted in four civilian deaths and forced 20, people from their homes.

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Witnesses said they had seen dozens of trucks carrying soldiers and heavy weapons to the front every day since the weekend. The war has claimed the lives of more thanpeople, most of them civilians. In recent weeks, as political talks have stalled, the tempo of violence has increased.

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If Buyoya doesn't halt this offensive, we'll react," Ndabirabe said. Unluova also said more refugees were still arriving in western Tanzanian regions to escape continued fighting in Burundi, pointing out that an influx of 17, refugees from Burundi had entered Tanzania in October.

The party has been using these people since PARENA's chairman was summoned before the chief prosecutor and since four of its leaders who wanted to change the government by force were arrested," added Niyongabo. The war in Burundi has claimed more thanmostly civilian lives since Before leaving for Dar es Salaam on Sunday, he had told IRIN that his team hoped that a ceasefire agreement would be reached before 25 November, when regional he of state are due to meet again on the Burundi situation.

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Emmanuel Ndereyimana, an administrator in the mainly Hutu neighbourhood of Ruziba, in the south of Bujumbura, was killed Wednesday by three rebels from the National Liberation Forces FNLaccording to the witnesses.

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