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  • My age:
  • 23
  • Where am I from:
  • Dutch
  • Tint of my iris:
  • I’ve got soft gray-green eyes
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Virgo
  • What is my body features:
  • My figure features is quite skinny
  • I prefer to listen:
  • Opera
  • Hobbies:
  • Driving a car


Knowing when to hit up your squeeze is very important if you want to get anywhere — in fact, Mystic Messenger is more complex even than messaging an actual romantic interest.


Jumin is going to be interesting. Not like i had a social life anyway, lol. Is it really worth all of the hype? I followed your advice and set up alarms with some loud sounds. But, make sure to plan your playthrough accordingly. Just have fun, Mystic Messenger is a really fun game with a unique premise and I highly recommend giving it a try if you have the chance. What character are you most looking forward to?

I swear, those first three or four days after starting MM, I was a wreck. Be sure to read them before a new one appears.

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YES, it was a lifesaver! Sleep deprivation is real and it is horrible. Hourglasses are gold, horde them! So like many of you I recently jumped on the Mystic Messenger bandwagon and while the game is fun, there are a few things I wish I had known beforehand. The first days were hard to get used to, but now I regularly stay up until AM or so without any bad consequences. But, on the plus side, that also means that you can double up on some chat rooms.

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Most important is always make sure to earn most hearts from main love interest than others, and not do what they hate. In the time after I posted that comment, I have managed to turn half my class into MysMe trash cans and cosplay as the first MC multiple times.

The worst days for me were Days … it took me a bit to get used to the chat rooms and the schedule. But setting the alarm before the next room comes up so you can hit two birds with one stone, never thought of that. To be honest, Seven and Vanderwood are my favorite characters! I wonder if Elizabeth the 3rd gets jealous during his route lol. I intend to leave to the end too. You said never to leave the house.

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I promise the game will still be there afterwards. So have you played Mystic Messenger? Thank goodness for google rewards. What do you think about it? Man, I wish I had known about this when I started! I remember so clearly that I had a notepad and a calculator with me at all times to keep track of my hourglasses and missed chats and stuff.

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It would freeze up on me all the time. Either have your food delivered or have a deated buddy bring you food and essentials for the duration of your Mystic Messenger playthrough! I even spent google play point on it. My tips are to start the game at 10 am to get the full experience.

I always set an individual alarms for chatrooms so that was some quite helpful advice. Yeah, if tou have a lot od studying or sxhool work to do… MM can be a bit of a hassle. Because at 2AM, a good alarm is the difference between a successfully completed chat room and missed chat room.

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Disclosure: I only recommend products and games I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. I had all sorts of issue with the app. The only thing I know for sure is that you have to play LAST, his route is the most spoilery of the bunch! Maybe Cheritz will add that feature later…. Thinking back on all the lost sleep makes me weep, but you live and you learn!

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As much fun as free playing is, I highly suggest you pick your chosen love interest early on and make sure to tailor your choices to that person! Every morning. I am a heavy sleeper, so I need the alarms. But I only got through both Zen and Yoosung stories before I had enough.

Once quit, just youtube them, sit back and enjoy the drama w.

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I still ditch studying and social life for any new chatroom or day DLC that comes up. I had to restart my game twice, because I started before midnight and wound up missing out on chat rooms.

Mystic messenger: another story chat times schedule (days )

I would personally prefer to just buy the route, but is there even an option for that? OMG yes! So, nothing fancy, just a rundown of some things I learned while going through my first playthrough of the game. Hourglasses are like in-game currency, you can use them to time up chats ahead of schedule, replay missed chats, unlock Deep Routes Jumin andor use them to call the main love interests in the game. Chat rooms can and will occur at all hours chatroom the day and night… and I mean ANY time! I wish there was an option to buy full routes at a time. Why do you wake up at 3 am? Even if it was a joke, I actually did not leave my room let alone the house for 11 days.

Let alone a free to play game, but the truth of the matter is that alarms make all the difference when playing Mystic Messengerso I suggest you get a good one!

Mystic messenger chat times schedule and chat room timings

I hope I get the good or at least normal ending, unless I get too pissed off by Jaehee lol. Hopefully my tips helped you in some way! But its so addictive lol. I spent a ton of hour glasses. It sounds so fun, unique and interesting and the guys are definitely eye candy.

How to survive mystic messenger hell in 8 easy steps

I always thought the game was based on Korean time because most chats took place in early morning hours. It would only work properly right after updates. I need to be time in when I choose to play it lol. I also remember clearly that I spammed multiple people multiple times with the lyrics of Mysterious Messenger in caps, that my diet consisted of chips and Dr.

My sleep, my social interactions, everything! For example, if you start a PM, you miss out on every chat room that opened up before that point…. An important thing to know is that the hearts you earn during the game can be used to buy hourglasses. Using the example above; instead of waking up at for the first chat room and for the chatroom one, you can set an alarm for or do the first chat room and then immediately knock out the new chat in one fell sweep. So hold off on the megane troll lord cinnamon bun Seven until the end. Because once you start this game, you can kiss that luxury goodbye, this is not a game conducive to a healthy sleep cycle.

The game picks up right where you left off, granted you load the game a little after your original save time. They are important and must be protected and used wisely. When you start the game you get 30 Hourglasses just for reading the Prologue and you earn them randomly by participating in chat rooms.

Deep story route chat room times

So the latest I chatroom I is am then I the 3am in the morning when I wake up. What are Hourglasses and why are they important?

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Hahahahaha xD loved this post omg!!! Without spending money or using Hourglasses, one playthrough of the game takes 11 consecutive days! The game is really fun.

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LOL you too sweetie!! If you want the game, you can download it from the App Store or from Google Play for free, but there are options for in-app purchases! MM took over my whole life for a solid two weeks and it was a bit overwhelming, but so satisfying!! Oh my word, everything here is so, so true!

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So, no worries! I so want to play the game. The worst chat rooms for me are the ones that occur between 12AM- 4AM … yeah let that sink in… there will literally be a chat room that opens up at AM. Because Cheritz is cruel! Some of the posts on this site may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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Receive phone calls and texts depending on how intimate you become with the game characters!