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Jane Chalmers does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. : From reproducers to 'flutters' to 'sluts': tracing attitudes to women's pleasure in Australia. When women orgasm, their pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically and involuntarily.


FYI Folks whose seizures less controlled might well be concerned about a seizure triggered by orgasm. If we can share we can learn together and not feel so 'wierd'. We have a society that is so preoccupied with sex today sometimes I think it is sad for our young people.

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There is such frustration for me because of the inability to orgasm. The funny thing is that I wanted to have sex with my fiance after I had the seizure to get close, and believe it or not, I had a very quick orgasm a couple days after the seizure.

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Sex has to take a major back seat, even though it is one of the other human basic needs. May 5, I had a chat mal seizure after 7 months off the medication. I think Epilepsy aside, it may be the way one's body is wired for sex? I feel terrible orgasmic it with my Husband but, Iam glad he Understands.

I used to be very orgasmic, but now it has dwindled a bit. Sometimes I could care less if I ever have it again, and feel as asexual as a plant. Because what about all the women who don't have E, and can't have one? I know what you girls mean about lack of interest as I have zero since Topamax.

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Zoe, I Totally understand what u are going through. And Question your Doctor about it. Thanks a million Okay, this is gonna sound strange but I know it sounds weird.

Also AEDs as well as other meds list sexual side effects on their info sheets. Hugs to all ya know hugs are great too altho this doesn't cut it with the young men I know.

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I found that when I am thinking about stuff, rather than just letting it happen, it causes me to be unable to properly get in the mood for sex. I myself used to have partial seizures during sex when I was younger, but they only last a couple of seconds.

I do not remember it being such a big deal when I was young.

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I understand your concern and worry and am sorry that you have missed out because I do think it is important. Consider yourself lucky Wldhrt I'm sure a little part of it may be due to age with me, but its also the meds for sure. I identified with you and those squirrels so so much I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.

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Other times I am wanting sex all the time and feel how I imagine a teenaged boy chat feel when he enters puberty. It happens out of the blue, not related to anything sexual. I think that it is true that thinking about having seizures orgasmic thinking at all during sex is bad. For most people, every once in a while a squirrel will run across the road or a heavy wind will blow across the road, making it harder to stay in the middle of the lane and distracting them.

Since my Big E our sex life is more frustration than its worth sometimes!!

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You are one of many with seizure disorders. I'm sure if we were 20 it orgasmic be an issue Dear hubby takes BP meds thst frustrate him similarly sexwise so at least we can empathize We would like another 30 plus years rockin' in our rocking chairs so are willing to give up sex if need be we have decided; Our brains and bad hearts need the drugs more than we need the sex. I was not like that on the Dilantin but had to be taken off because the chat was not going right. I was diagnosed in with a seizure disorder and was placed on Tegretol.

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I believe to that it is the Meds. Accept my problem I have no Intrest and it is worrying me alot. My dr.

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Thankyou very much! My meds actually made sex better for me. Now yesterday tried to have sex and couldn't get in the mood and didn't have an orgasm. I took Dilantin since I was 11 yrs but Iam 42 now. Due to the popularity of social media, we have seen decreasing engagement on our forums and chat. I have never had a problem reaching an orgasm, it doesn't take much stimulation for me to have one either, and I can have a series of orgasms within one sexual encounter. So So this is what has been getting in the way of our sex life Please don't orgasmic hope and please tell your husband for me it's the times when the squirrles disappear that makes "making love" so much more precious to us all!

That being said, I used to only have partial seizures, and now have had tonic clonic as I got older.

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This is the way my doctor explained it to me, and the way I explained it to my husband: Through life your body is like a car trying to stay in the middle of its lane. Young women will just have to keep faking it I guess like we and our mothers before us have learned to do to keep our men happy when we just aren't in the mood. I could be driving, cooking, gardening whatever, definitely not thinking about sex for sure.

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So far, I have not noticed a decrease in my sex dirve, I must say it seems to be returning to normal. From what my gyncelogist told me, I am in the minority, kind of the outliar value. Hope I helped in some way, but Iam no Sex Therepist. She says the majority of women who come through her office have either never been able to have one, or not consistently. I understand how you feel.

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Iam thinking about asking the doctor about what I can take for that. That is my doctors theory on why I am not able to have orgasms. We want to stay connected with you. Less than empthetic, Loulagirl?

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I forgot the name of the drug but is for sure worth the try. Just a thought.

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I don't really know where to go for help I am on lamotrogine had epilepsy since So before I was on medication I did have seizures triggered during sex on occasion. My interest in sex orgasmic seems to wax and wane. One day is up or down. I am not able to have them, not because of the meds but because of the epilepsy. It makes sense to my husband and I. Hopefully one day that theoretical herd of squirrels will thin out! For me, with epilepsy, I constantly have a huge herd of squirrels running across the road, and my car is having to concentrate soooo hard on just staying in the middle of the road that only the basic needs of chat and sleep are able to be focused on.

I love how doctors wait to tell us important things like this and oh, you are naturally going to be depressed and more tired when you have epilepsy, rather than giving us the answers we need right away. I really appreciate your example and pasted it on my fiance's computer screen. I do enjoy being close, and know my hubby has his needs so we are still intimate but it is not the same as it was.

I had an allergic reaction and now I am on Keppra. I have not had any recently. Please know we want to keep talking to you about epilepsy, seizures, and what you need. Hi does this sound ridiculous but I am scared an orgasm may trigger an epileptic orgasmic so psychologically hold back. Just had one the other day on my 30th birthday no less after being seizure free for 3 years.

I'm on Topamax now and I don't really feel like myself, in any way shape or form. That closeness to be with someone and completely let loose is good. Luckily we have a very loving fulfilling relationship chat no hangups about the minimal sex part.

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Due to the popularity of social media, we have seen decreasing engagement on our forums and chat.


Orgasm is one of the most intense pleasures attainable to an organism, yet its underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood.


Give yourself permission to delve as deeply as possible into your biggest and strongest orgasm.


Yes, I just used the word orgasm on my blog.