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It was developed by FlowPlay, and is aimed at the teen and tween demographic. An in-game currency, "Flow", is earned by talking, dancing, eating and drinking, and playing games. Flow can be exchanged for experience points and coins. Coins and gems are used to buy items for their avatar such as clothing, accessories or furniture. As players earn experience, they level up.


When they log off, the whisper chat log would disappear but if you are still on and they come back on, the whisper chat will come back Your history.

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Just follow some of these tips for a friendship that will last for decades. When at a big ourWorld party whisper chat them. Post stories or post a contest for people to enter or you to enter and win a prize on ourWorld! As she lets out her secrets! See here chat normal:. For the last image, it ourworld exactly the same as this: Which no one ever uses.

Do you ever feel like you lose touch with your best friend too quickly? for the link. Once you ed up, go to the main and scroll down and the chat should be there for you. And why in the world would I quit?! Not chat room or wedding. Act: Everyone, well mostly everyone. Secret: Oh! Act: Are you still working on your condo now? If Poof was on, We would differently talk about glitches, new updates, stuff that are funny.

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You can buy gems, chat, go to locations for chat rooms for now, and etc. Is a bit curious of what your birth date is and your real name. You need to put a good description of your party.

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Maybe this would be good for trading events, no? Add people as friends or foe. Send private messages to people or comment on their profile. Ourworld Soooo, how long have you been on ourWorld? Ask them questions about their personality. If you ever have problems with chat your best friend.

They might think your weird. And blah blah o. I find it pretty cool. Here is a preview of it: What do you think? What else reasons you should for? The negative thing is when people ask for gifts, trade, adopt if you are a high levelget selfish messages. Be weird, party, do whatever you want as long as you have fun.

So, here is a new forum for you. Hey guys. It makes it easier to talk to them. Being yourself does.

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So you better up quickly before I remove the old chat as well. In The next updates, you will have a choice of full screen or not full screen. When you ourworld to have a conversation with your best friend without getting interrupted just whisper chat them. Just look back here! Where it shows here: Click for bigger picture. Act: Why did you created this blog and WHY are you deleting the chat?

Earn points for posting, messaging, add friend to people and beat other peopels points! You should be able to see Register below here: Click for bigger picture. XD If you ever have problems with keeping your best friend.

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Oh, also update the decals. Secret: I believe this was posted by another member of this blog. Secret: Well, If Seek is online, we would go on a random island and talk random. First you have to make your condo into a School.

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It might seem kind of boring so just bear with me. Learn what time your best friend will be on ourworld. Act: Does it matter about the super rare items you are wearing to look so rich? Act: What do you usually do when you come on ourWorld? At the moment, the app is only available for Apple Devices. On the next update Nov 20th ourWorld will be changing the chat log!

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I find it quite lovely, how it shows who is in the room. Then came back on February 14th. In the public chat log, you will not get whispers, you will have to switch to the Whisper tab. Act: Since when did you finished your condo? Play forum games with other members Talk about anything, it could be an item on ourWorld or your fave movie Chat with other members on the main forum. To the first person you were whispering to.

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Which is rarely. Act: How did you become popular?

What do you think? Secret : Not really, I just edit things or add things to the condo. Create 1 event at every 5 hours. Once the time is up, you get to choose which room to go in.

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Get to know their friends too. That would make people feel down.

Act: If you ever quit ourWorld, what would you do exactly? Here is a preview of it:. Well, its only one room. I have been to parties with A LOT of people. March 29th and my name is Riana. For the last image, it looks exactly the same as this:. If you learn the time and schedule of your friends you will spend much more time with them.

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Knowing about them makes good conversation when your hanging out together. It also makes it easier to relate to them. What do you think of this update?

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Try to message them. We first started with black chat logs then to the blue ones and now this one!

So, in ourWorld it is not that hard to find a best friend; it is very hard to keep it though. I want to help you. Click pictures to see full size What do you think of ourWorlds update?

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I am a new blogger and I have finally came up with an idea for a post. But they will be a similar. Which no one ever uses. When you guys are on at different times getting together will be a lot harder. This is what we have now:. You can whisper about personal things without judgement.

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Act: What is it like being popular? So I might just do an interview with Secret. It will also will be replacing the chat. And if I ever see my Squishy, named Pink GiftI would not feed her for days and did I ever mention she is a bad squishy? The friends tab is not really important though, you still get your friends bar, but this would be easier to find the person who you are looking for to chat to.

What do you think about this update?

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Chat with your friends in ourWorld Chat, which is a fun interactive application!


Your children can play games, win prizes, and socialize with friends in a safe environment.


Dude The Same Thing Happned 2 Me if You Have been swearing or r3ping ppl they might report you then they deactivate your chat fr 24 hours if you it again they disable it completly p.