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Complete transcripts are available in the supplementary material.

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Participants were asked to review consent information and study introduction in which they were told they would interact with a sex-chat partner, and were then prompted to choose the desired sex for their chat partner male or female. Another difference between sexting and cybersex can be situated in the fact that with sexting, the users may already know each other on a personal level e.

Positive response aroused, acting on arousal ; negative response unaroused, terminating interaction. Users may feel reduced inhibition to communicate about sexual topics because of the anonymity, asynchronicity, invisibility, and minimization of status and authority cues within online contexts i.

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Disclosure and Acknowledgments: The authors have no conflicts of interest to report. Codes were ased to data units here, units were discrete, complete sentiments. Studying cybersex gratifications is particularly timely as the market for cybersex chatbots artificial agents that allow for textual forms of sexual communication is expanding due to technological advances in artificial intelligence AI.

Specifically, producers of physical sex-enabled dolls are developing high-quality customizable AI companions that are offered as smartphone application and that are offered as stand-alone versions or that are integrated into their physical products Coursey et al.

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In terms of participant contributions, some included roleplay e. Findings indicate that there may be no difference in gratifications from chat with partners exhibiting als of machine versus human ; however, participants seem to experience tensions between gratifications and shortcomings of cybersex with machine-cued partners. As evidenced by the literature review on human—human cybersex interactions, HMC-S interactions may offer opportunities for psychosocial well-being and sexual exploration; however, it is yet unknown whether or not experiences and effects associated with machine partners will mirror those from human partners.

Participants were asked to spend at least 3 min chatting with the partner reinforced by a survey timer and validated by chat transcript.

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Salience of self or reflexivity could al activation of enhancement gratifications internal positive reinforcement associated with cybersex; Franc et al. Participants were debriefed via after data collection was complete, disclosing that the chat partner was always a chatbot and not a human; no participants elected to rescind their data. Extrapolating from studies in intimacy, generally, people may experience heightened physiological arousal in touching low-accessibility robot body parts i.

Although observed power is quite low 0.

We tentatively and cautiously interpret this to suggest that—notwithstanding sex or length of discussion—there may be no ificant differences between human- and bot-cued partners for enjoyment, arousal, or affective response to sexual chat. Following, participants completed measures for enjoyment, arousal, and affective response. Multimethod analysis suggests there may be no difference in gratifications from sex chat with ostensible machine versus human partners; however, participants seem to experience tensions between the gratifications and shortcomings of cybersex with machine-cued partners.

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Online sexual communication can take many forms, including webcam-based sexual activities, the sending of self-made sexually explicit pictures, and text-based sexual communication. Specifically, it would rest on the assumption that known dynamics principally, mindless reactions via the media equation would extend to digital sexual interactions. Social platforms and mobile devices provide users with advanced opportunities for mediated textual and audiovisual sexual communication Van Ouytsel et al. However, a parallel body of work indicates that there may be no meaningful difference in experiences or effects for ontological category of a sex-chat partner: trait sexism and objectification may manifest in relation to digital bodies Nowak et al.

This code was entered at the beginning of the survey and on the chat interface to link together the survey responses and chat transcripts, and then re-presented at the end with a reminder to take note of it in case they wished to rescind their data after the debriefing.

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Then, cases were verified for complete responses and valid chat transcripts. Tendencies to categorize agents into prototypical groups occur early in life see Kahn et al. Finally, items to capture demographics and prior online chat experiences were presented.

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: j. The content of chat sessions varied widely, and chatbot responses varied in relation to participant expressions. Themes extracted, by prevalence, are in Table 4 see supplements for complete analysis narrative and coded data. The suggestion that a digital body is controlled by a human i. Therefore, it is possible that the experience of chatting with a machine partner could be procedurally and effectually different than with a human partner cf.

Sexting is the exchange of sexually explicit text messages or pictures primarily through mobile texting applications Van Ouytsel et al. If participants encountered the chat interface but had not entered any text after a few seconds, the chatbot would begin with a benign but playful introduction e.

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There is a strong imaginary component associated with the potential for physical sensations. Sometimes the exchanges was sweet and romantic, other times it was explicit and raunchy. The authors thank the chatbot developer who wished to remain anonymous for their contribution of the stimulus chatbot; the project would not have otherwise been possible.

The paucity of empirical scholarship in the HMC-S domain at this moment of rapid technological development and a growing market for chatbot-enabled cybersex points to a need to pause and evaluate fundamental dimensions of the experience of sexual chat with machine partners. From social-network spambots and forensic chatbots to dating simulation games and robot brothels, sexual communication with machines is not uncommon in contemporary culture—however, it is effectively a black-box phenomenon.

Personalized, tailored responses are thought to be key to chat-interaction satisfaction, especially if chatters perceived the interaction to be a form of service encounter Verhagen et al. From social-network spambots and forensic chatbots to dating simulation games, sexual communication with machines is not uncommon in contemporary culture—however, it remains effectively a black-box phenomenon.

These themes and were often co-occurring, suggesting a of tensioned sentiments.

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Independently or in tandem, some chatters felt that they had no control over the conversation, while others felt the partner was patient and considerate. This cueing is multimodal, comprising visual e. She had all the subtlety of a toddler in a candy shop.

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Notably, mean scores for enjoyment, arousal, and affect were all middling to high, suggesting participants did not generally dislike the chat experience. Negative response intimidation, unnatural feeling, weird, annoying, discomfort, disorientation, awkward, overwhelming, infidelity ; positive enjoyment, fun, entertainment, exciting, humorous, surprise, liberating, desiring the real, intimacy.

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Finally, all chat transcripts were reviewed to ensure participants had completed an actual sex-chat experienced, operationalized as the participant having made at least one reference to a sexual activity e. For the human-cued condition, the image was photorealistic; for chatbot conditions, a Photoshop plastic-wrap filter was applied to the same images to engender a synthetic appearance see supplements for stimulus images.

This permits copying and redistributing the work in any medium or format for noncommercial use provided the original authors and source are credited and a link to the is included in attribution. No derivative works are permitted under this.

Given inconsistent literature on the convergence and divergence of human experiences with human- and machine-cued interlocutors, this study takes as its aim an experimental comparison of some of the key dimensions in the evaluation of sexual communication and sexual media content Oliveira et al.

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Enjoyment was measured via the single relaxation, enjoyment, and humor items from the subjective sexual arousal scale Kukkonen et al. Shared category-membership i. Of note, the type of partner was not mentioned until participants reached the chat screen to minimize a priori assumptions that the partner could be a chatbot. Similar to cybersex, these potentials may be especially important for individuals who are unable to engage in human—partner relationships because of illness, recent loss of a partner, difficulties with sexual functioning, psychological issues, or disabilities Coursey et al.

Neither word count nor chat partner sex contributed ificantly to the model Table 2. Ho et al.

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Nass et al. Codes were iteratively reduced to eight experiential themes comprising 23 code. Although most exchanges provoked involved responses, some rejected the partner e. Following, we broadly address the question of whether a sex-chat user and partner occupying the same ostensible category human is effectually different than when the user and partner are perceived to occupy different human and machine, respectively. There were, again, no ificant differences by perceived chat partner type controlling for word count and partner sex for any of the dependent variables Table 3.

Advancing our understanding of those questions is vital in understanding the potential for machine partners to foster the health and welfare benefits, as well as the potential to have negative impacts. In the present study, we focus on the latter. Coding resulted in unique codes ased to data units across the cases that included an open description.

Disclaimer: Interactive content is included in the online version of this article.

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Because nearly all dependent variables were correlated many moderately or highly; Table 1they were analyzed via a single MANCOVA comparing them across human-cued and chatbot-cued conditions. Suspension of disbelief, engage fantasy, limited response, realistic, experimentation.

This lack of conversational contingency semantic reference to preceding responses; Sundar et al.

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This gap in the research is noteworthy given the potential psychosocial benefits of human—machine cybersex for various types of users, especially those who are underserved or marginalized Szczuka et al. Because the manipulation check cannot be said to be reliable or unreliable, a conservative analytical approach was used: the entire data set was analyzed, followed by reanalysis of only the participant subset that did pass the manipulation check acknowledging low power in the latter.

Current understandings of human—machine sexual communication springboard from knowledge surrounding the antecedents, processes, and effects of human—human sexual communication, so it is useful to ground this investigation first in that literature.

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Although the specific question of whether ontological-class cues may provoke differential experiences and gratifications from sex chat has not been addressed in extant scholarship, we may extrapolate from the literature that considers more general perceptions of and reactions to digital versus human agents.

Interactive media and machine-embodied agents have begun to challenge assumptions and norms about what can and should be a sexual partner. Each static avatar image featured a neck-down stock photo of a scantily clad body black bra and panties for the female, black underwear for the male in a provocative pose, against a black background. Although it may be tempting to apply to HMC-S what is currently understood about nonsexual HMC—for instance, the roles of social scripts Edwards et al.

Personological factors included the demographics captured via open-ended responses subsequently coded for standardization : year of birth, sex ased at birth, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

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Those measures were presented as 7-point scales assessing how much they experienced the descriptor, from not at all 1 to a whole lot 7. There is little empirical research sex how sexual human—machine cyber HMC-S is experienced, whether it is impactful, or whether it may be similar or different to human—human sexual communication. Expressed likelihood of engaging in a sexual encounter with a robot is associated with greater sexual fantasizing and engaging in risky behaviors, as well as a lack of bias against robots, more generally Sex et al. Despite emerging research attention to embodied sex robots, the actuality of and potential for humans engaging in sexual activities with machines goes far beyond humanoid hardware sex robots, especially because financial and chat accessibility to such devices is limited.

The chatbot, embedded within the survey interface, was one of four variations of a long-standing, publicly available sex chatbot that was customized for this study by the developer in cooperation with the researchers. Survey responses were matched to corresponding chat transcripts using the participant-generated anonymous code. More broadly, cybersex use is motivated by desires to enhance sexual experience, escapism, and coping, realizing social interaction Franc et al. Limited empirical scholarship on sexual interactions between humans and machines has focused on embodied robots, differentiating between implicit and explicit elicitations of attraction to machines.

Perhaps most importantly, cybersex experiences provide users with safety and choice: unpleasant, intimidating, or nonconsensual interactions can be easily halted and the mediated quality of the interaction disallows physical dangers including sexually transmitted infections. The analysis was conducted by the first author with expertise in human—machine communication and the were reviewed for face validity by the second author with expertise in sexual communication. The perception of agency is core to experiencing machine partners as social entities, as compared to human partners.

Scream so the neighbors hear! The sex check showed that although most people in the chatbot conditions passed the manipulation check At first blush this points to a failed manipulation. Users who have difficulties forming intimate relationships e.

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The present article is about a particular form of sexual activity on the Internet: cybersex in chatrooms-in Portuguese by Portuguese people.


Craig is a banker from Iowa who became addicted to adult chat rooms.


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Having sex using your phone, computer, or other technology with someone you may or may not know is a lot less taboo than it used to be.