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Posted on Published: January 14, Japanese. By: Author Marcel Iseli. For the casual reader, this will be an excellent primer. The basic difference is that a weeaboo is unhealthily obsessive about Japan in particular, often making uned for apologetics for anything Japanese and showing general obsession for the country and culture, especially its pop media, often without understanding or respect.


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While anime, manga and video games are fun, Japan and Japanese culture extends far beyond that. Get in touch with us If you have any questions or any help, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to add on to the list in the comments!

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Find her on Instagram coinlockerbelle. This is the obnoxiously and overly enthusiastic fan of Japan and Japanese culture. Unlike weeaboos, their interest in Japan and Japanese culture is less intense and obsessive and more curious and inquisitive.

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Here is every Japanese food you must try! Chat with us.

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Read a book, watch a documentary, check out some YouTubers who live in Japan and who can give you firsthand s of the society and country. Understand that whatever you know about Japan may be wrong, and if you are corrected by others, take it in stride.

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Having lived in Japan for almost four years now, I can tell you that Japan can be beautiful and awesome like in pop culture media, but it can also be ugly and frustrating as reality tends to be. But, recognising the latter does not eradicate the former, and I still want to continue living here.

Just consume a product that includes real Japanese people and not just characters.

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Tokyo Nightlife Guide. Belle moved to Tokyo, Japan in She has studied various aspects of Japan including history, literature, gender, culture, media, politics, and more. However, unlike weeaboos, otakus are not necessarily fans of Japan or Japanese culture specifically, but fans of the aforementioned products.

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Visit Japan. The Japanophile is a person who is interested in learning about customs, traditions, the society and history of Japan.

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Log In. Create New. These are the ones who watch various documentaries about different aspects of Japan, and they might have taken several classes on Japanese history or culture, and to some extent they understand what Japan is actually like. The extent of their knowledge on Japan and Japanese culture is often from Japanese anime, manga or video games, which are not necessarily a reflection of reality.

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The Weeaboo Checklist: What is a Weeaboo? Be open-minded. The art and busting myths about ninjas. As mentioned above, most weeaboos get their information about Japan through anime, manga and video games.

How to speak like a weeaboo

This field should be left blank. Perhaps foreign residents in Japan are the most frustrated by weeaboos who believe they know more about Japanese culture than the residents do, despite having never visited or lived in Japan. Later on in this blog article, I will include a weeaboo checklist with some of the typical characteristics of weeaboos. Top Posts.

They consume pop culture media on a daily basis and may visit various cosplay or anime conventions. Weeaboos and otakus are sometimes mixed up because of their shared roots in Japanese pop culture, namely anime, manga and video games.

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If you have any questions or any help, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

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Sometimes I must leave my house.


Let us educate you on this popular internet slang.


The first step on how to speak like a weeaboo is that you have to extend you're weeaboo language knowledge.


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